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Hot Chilly Pansies

Like all pansies, Hot Chilly Pansies can take the cold, but Hot Chilly pansies also bloom longer through warmer temperatures as well.

Hot Chilly Pansy

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Planting & Care
Hot Chilly Pansies are available in early spring.

Space out plants about 5 inches apart, or closer if you want a very full appearance. Work slow release fertilizer into the soil prior to planting, or use liquid fertilizer at time of planting and every 2 weeks to encourage more blooming. Deadheading (removing spent blooms) can also provide more blooms over the season. Keep the plants from drying out with regular watering.

As it gets very hot, Hot Chilly pansies, like all pansies, will start to develop longer stems and fewer, smaller blooms- referred to as ‘getting leggy’. By planting your summer annuals around your Hot Chilly pansies, you can start to remove the Hot Chilly pansies as they get leggy and your summer annuals get bigger and fuller. This gives you a colorful garden from early spring until fall.

Colors and Ideas
Hot Chilly pansies come in shades of yellow, purple, white and red. Most colors have contrasting dark faces. Any combinations of these colors look great- and consider pairing Hot Chilly pansies with other early spring favorites such as tulips and daffodils. Yellow blooms can be seen from far away, so keep that in mind when you’re planting. If you put yellow plants in a dormant corner of your garden, you’ll instantly brighten it up!

Looking for a nice teacher or hostess gift? Plant a few Hot Chilly pansies in a flea market find like an old teapot, or large mug. Find more ideas for pansies at the Icicle Pansy web site here.

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