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BigShot 5 inch pot (Illustration)
BigShot 10 inch pot (photo)
Flamenco 5 inch pot (illustration)
Flamenco 16 inch planter (photo)
Hot Chilly 16 inch planter (photo)
For Immediate Release:
Frills, Chills and Big Color Fernlea Introduces the Pansymonium™ Collection
Even if you don't consider yourself one of the many 'pansy lovers', you might find a flower to love in Fernlea's new Pansymonium collection.

Pansymonium is a collection of exotic and unusual pansies – blooms meant to give you something different from the popular friendly-faced flower. BigShot Pansies™, Flamenco™ Pansies, and Hot Chilly™ Pansies comprise the Pansymonium collection, available spring 2004.

Prominent in the line – in the largest sense, are the new BigShot Pansies, touted to be the world's biggest pansies. Fernlea's growing trials have found the jumbo blooms measure in larger than the market's current 'big' pansies. So just a few BigShot Pansies make a huge splash of color in your garden. Blooms are marked with the traditional 'face' and are available in shades of yellow, red, blue, purple, and white.

If you fancy frills, you'll find them in Fernlea's Flamenco Pansies. Exceptionally ruffled, these blooms seem to dance in your garden adding a whole new dimension of life. Their exotic, luminescent colors vary from opalescent shades of pink, to deep garnet, and rich golden yellow with black. Flamenco Pansies offer 'stop and stare' style to any garden.

And if you want a great overall garden performer with a long blooming season, you'll like the new Hot Chilly Pansies. So named because of their tolerance for temperature extremes, Hot Chilly Pansies are non-stop bloomers even into warmer temperatures.

All cold-hardy, the Pansymonium blooms will spruce up gardens in very early spring, giving those with the gardening itch something to celebrate after first thaws. Gardeners in the Southern states can also look forward to seeing Flamenco Pansies and BigShot Pansies again in fall 2004 for traditional fall pansy plantings.

Fernlea Flowers is no stranger to pansies, having successfully marketed fall-planted Icicle Pansies to an ever-growing consumer demand. For the Pansymonium collection, they leveraged their growing expertise with the breeding acumen of Farmen, of Naples, Italy.

At Farmen, breeding is about imagination and emotion. They start with a vision or dream and then move to science to make it happen. In the words of Renato Faraone Mennella, Co-owner of Farmen, “we use the genetic material passed down to us by several generations combined with modern technology of breeding hybrids to achieve these dreams.”

With the backdrop of the active volcano of Mount Vesuvius, Farmen benefits from more than a nice view. The extreme climate goes from sub tropical conditions to below-freezing winters. The company says this environment contributes to new breeds and variations. Farmen deems pansies 'the Orchid of the People', and seeks to bring rare and unusual qualities to these popular flowers.

Farmen breeds a variety of other flowers as well, and the relationship with Fernlea is predicted to yield more new and exciting introductions in the near future. “Working closely with Farmen at the early stages of breeding gives Fernlea a unique opportunity to collaborate on new introductions and shape them to our market needs”, says Jeff Howe, President Fernlea Flowers.

To see the color line-up for each brand visit the web site at Gardeners can also sign up to be notified when fresh plants have just been delivered to a nearby garden center.

The Pansymonium collection will be available at independent garden centers and big box retailers in early spring 2004. A variety of containers will be offered including multi-plant packs, large planters, and single planting units.

Fernlea Flowers is one of North America's largest growers with greenhouses in the US and Canada. A family-owned and operated business, Fernlea has most recently focused on growing and marketing unique products that provide gardeners with consistent quality and garden performance benefits. More information about Fernlea is available at their web site,

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