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For Immediate Release
January, 2005


Fernlea Flowers Ltd. Introduces European Gardening Varieties

Ontario, Canada…….Fernlea Flowers Ltd., one of North America's largest nurseries headquartered in Delhi, Ontario, and with several growing and distribution facilities in North America, announces new colors and varieties to their recently introduced Pansymonium® Collection. These blooms are a collection of exotic and unusual pansies, presenting an enhanced look and growing life to the ever popular, friendly-faced flower.

“We travel the world to bring gardeners something different that they can add to their garden design,” said Jeff Howe, President and third generation of Fernlea founders. “For our Pansymonium® Collection we leveraged our growing expertise in different areas of North America with the breeding acumen of Farmen, also a multi-generation owned company in Naples, Italy. They say that pansies are the 'orchid of the people' and they seek to bring rare and unusual qualities to these popular flowers.” “ Working together,” said Howe, “we can create products that complement our various North American weather patterns and that interests new and experienced gardeners.”

Added Howe, “We have introduced three exciting new 'looks' for the pansy and have added new colors to these three categories in the Pansymonium® Collection. We have the largest-faced pansy in the world which we call BigShot Pansies™, along with the eye-catching, lacey, frilly Flamenco Pansies®, and the popular Hot Chilly Pansies™, named for their incredible tolerance and 'staying power' for extreme temperatures especially in hot climates.” Also, all three varieties are cold hardy and are colorful additions to any garden in the very early spring.

Gardeners can learn more on Fernlea's website about planting details and the arrival of these pansies in their area. The company's Fresh Notify System, in which you log in your address, will email registrants as soon as the Pansymonium® Collection arrives at the nearest store or garden center to their home address.

Fernlea is one of North America's largest growers with North American headquarters in southern Ontario, Canada and greenhouses in the U.S. and Canada. A third generation, family-owned and operated business, Fernlea has recently focused on growing and marketing unique products that provide gardeners with consistent quality and garden performance benefits, such as their spring Pansymonium® Collection, the fall Icicle Pansies® and The Winter Garden Collection™ (

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